Some words from clients…

Sofia has such a warm heart, she opened a space of safety and
compassion between my husband and I when we were just barely speaking
with each other. She taught us tools that helped us to gain deeper
connection. We experienced healing simply through our understanding
of each other. No one ever had to be right or wrong, and that was the
ultimate mercy for me. Through any tension or strong emotions, Sofia
remained a graceful and perceptive navigator of the heart. Now my
husband and I set aside regular times at home to use the Imago dialogue
when we are having conflict and it works! We are so grateful for this
opportunity to change old patterns and find ways that bring us closer
in love.
– S.N., wife, mother, business owner

I was part of a postpartum depression support group with other moms and Sofia was the facilitator.  Her wisdom, compassion and non-judgmental approach was so helpful to me at a time when I was very vulnerable.  I could tell she wasn’t just saying empty words to us, but rather that she really understood where we were at and that she believed in our ability to heal.  It felt very safe with her and we knew we were in good hands. 
J.A., mother, social worker

Some words from colleagues…

Sofia and I met while working to help and support women who were in the uncomfortable throes of postpartum depression. I can vouch both for Sofia’s considerable skills as a mental health counselor and her lovely qualities as a human being. She is truly one of those souls who can bring your shoulders down a foot just by being who she is. Her insight is incredible and her mind is forever open to new ways of problem solving.
-Heide Perry-Bringman, LPC, LMHC, NCC

Sofia seems to have a special ability to provide space and time for authentic process to arise, and afterward to review her own responses for the purpose of staying true to the needs of those she is supporting. She is always a gentle yet insightful presence. Sofia is an asset to the clients who are fortunate enough to benefit from her respectful and sensitive counseling and facilitation skills.

– Wendy N. Davis, PhD, Postpartum Support Int’l Program Director, Founding Director Baby Blues Connection